Art imitates life – a Mosaika case study with a Twist


Mosaika – Studio on Strathcona – is owned by Dimitry Melman Komar, a Russian-born, Winnipeg-based artist specializing in creating distinct and compelling mosaic art.


Build an attractive website with social-media integration to promote Dimitry’s artwork, commissions, and workshops on an artist’s budget.


Although Dimitry wanted an online presence to promote his artwork, he didn’t have a lot of time or access to technology to maintain a website or use social media for promotion. As is the case with most artists, the focus is more on creating the art than promoting it.


When you walk into Dimitry’s studio, you feel a sense of comfort and elegance as you discover his beautiful artwork hanging on the walls. His minimalist approach to interior design ensures your eyes follow the patterns and colors from one incredible piece of artwork to the next, from one room to the next.

After talking to Dimitry about his artwork and background, and taking a tour of his studio, we wrote some web copy and sketched a website outline.

We also analyzed what social media would promote Dimitry best, and require minimal time away from his passion for creating the artwork. Dimitry is a visual artist, so we recommended Instagram; it’s a visual medium, easy to use, offers opportunities for high engagement in a less-crowded feed, and has high recall value.

Instagram: @studioonstrathcona

We then built Dimitry’s website using WPMU DEV’s (WordPress Multisite Development) tools and themes – in nerdspeak, “We used the Upfront framework and the Luke and Sarah theme.”

Upfront is a customizable drag, scale, position (WYSIWYG) WordPress framework. It’s also responsive, which means you can create a website that works on your desktop, tablet and smartphone.

There are some learning curves using Upfront, but if you take a couple of hours to understand the environment, it’s actually quite simple to figure out. We finished up with a little coding to customize the final touches.



An elegant website to showcase Dimitry’s artwork, commissions, workshops, and news. And it didn’t take a lot of time or cost a fortune.


Now we’re proud owners of a beautiful and vibrant piece of artwork on our wall. Thanks for being a great client, Dimitry!


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